Right Investment Part II

In the previous article we discussed property as one of the investments in land. In this article we will look at agribusiness as a form of investment and as a Value Add.

As long as the population of human continues to increase agribusiness will always be a booming industry. People need to eat and the food has to be grown. However it is not as easy as planting seeds on the ground and waiting to harvest. To have a successful agribusiness just like any other business you have to plan. What are the resources needed? What needs do you want to meet in the market?

Whether is crop farming or livestock rearing. Land is going to be the biggest resource you need for your agribusiness. The size and type of soil on the land will determine what type of farming you will do. If it is crop farming, is the land suitable for the crop to flourish? I doesn’t matter how well a crop is doing in the market if is not suited to grow on your land, you are burying your money. Availability of water is another crucial component of agribusiness. Can you depend on rainfall or will you have to invest in an irrigation system?

If it is livestock rearing, what type of livestock are you rearing? Is the climate suitable for the animals? Will they be zero grazed or will it be free range? If it is zero grazing, how available are feeds, so they are well feed. If it is free range, how large an area do you need for the animals to thrive?

These are all questions we at Miamu properties can advise you on. We have extensive experience and knowledge in land, so when you are investing in land, it is the right investment.


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