Real Estate Professionalism

These days seems like real estate agents are cropping up at every corner, literally. It almost seems every second advert in the country is by a real estate agent selling their services. So how can one ensure that that the real estate agent you are using is professional? There is no crystal ball however here are a few pointers to look out for when dealing with real estate agents.


Aggression is a sure red sign that the real estate agent is not professional. While some agents might urge you to take their advice, you should never feel forced into making a decision. A professional real estate agent will let you make a decision after giving you all the facts. So be aware of an agent pushing you into making an offer before you’ve had time to consider other options. If you are a seller, being pressed into accepting an offer you clearly perceive as being low should set alarm bells ringing.

professional agent will conduct themselves in a professional manner, late showings, missed appointments and a sloppy dressing should not be tolerated. After all, if your agent is willing to publicly reveal a lack of professionalism, chances are they are privately not acting professionally as well.