Knowledge of Land
Knowledge of Land

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” is an excerpt from the bible but it could well apply to Kenyans buying land. Land in Kenya has for the longest time been shrouded in opaque dealings, creating a haven for conmen. The courts are filled with arbitrations for land cases.

It is not uncommon to hear of how someone was sold land that wasn’t for sale or worse land that is government reserve only for the buyers to be ejected years later with no recourse.

How do you make sure that when you are investing in land you are not throwing your money away? Real Estate agents.

Knowledge is power especially when you are investing. A professional real estate agent will have information about land that might not be in the public domain. They will know which lands have court cases, which lands don’t have title deeds as well as which lands have been reserved by government.

Don’t get your fingers burnt by blindly investing in land. A real estate agent can save you a tonne of pain as well as money by advising you on which land you can invest in and which to stay clear from. Don’t perish for lack of knowledge.